Chantreyland Meals

At Chantreyland we strongly promote healthy eating. We provide a freshly cooked dinner and a snack to our children.

Children who arrive before 08.30am can bring in cereal from home and staff will supervise children with their breakfast.

Our nursery meals are prepared andcooked at our Brierley Field site by our catering company Bellisimo Foods The menu includes avariety of meals based on the Children’s Food Trust guidelines. They containthe nutrients needed to promote strong development within children, vegetablesare included with every meal. The meal is served at approximately 11.30am witha range of different meals. We are able to cater for a range of dietaryrequirements or allergies.

The snack is prepared freshly on site in our kitchen and consists of fruit, vegetables, toast or crumpets.

Children are also able to bring a small snack from home for their tea at 16.00pm, however no food can be heated up in the Toddler or Pre-School rooms.

All meals are served with a drink of milk, water or fruit juice. No fizzy drinks or sweets are given to children as part of our nursery Nutrition Policy.

Meals are a social occasion at Chantreyland, we promote good table manners to all of our children from Baby room to Pre-School room. All children are encouraged to feed themselves using cutlery however staff are there to support all children.

To encourage new and different foods, Pre-School children are engaged in food tasting activity sessions. Children are also involved in food preparation and participate in baking bread, biscuits, cake and we even make our own delicious pizzas! Pre-School children are often included in the shopping for these baking activities.